I provide all my services also in english. To make an appointment you can contact me directly via my personal e-mail (psykologihennalehtismaki@gmail .com) or phone (044-23095579). You can also go to www.terveystalo.com. There - under my name - you can find all available consulting hours in near future and make an appointment quick and easy. Terveystalo is also the place to contact if you have a doctor's referral for psychological examination ect.

It’s ok to say: I’m tired. Could you carry me a little while, ‘till I’m strong enough to walk on my own?

Welcome to the website ”Psychologist Henna Lehtismäki-Hyvönen”.

I provide a trustworthy and professional help for adults and the young in many different turning points in life. I also provide lecture services and a large variety of psychological assessment / examination in both personality and neuropsychological issues.

Why contact a psychologist, or when to seek for help?

Psyche is all so mystical and intriguing. A psychologist is a professional in human behaviour, emotion and kognition, and for that reason can be of help in many problems concerning humanity related troubles. Why do people get depressed, what causes anxiety? Why are there times, when nothing gets done, motivation is gone, and different bodily symptoms occure? And why does it sometimes feel that nothing in life makes any sense at all?

Everyone confronts some situations in life, where unclear and distressing feelings take over. Help is needed, when those feelings effect overall wellbeing, ant the quality of life is no longer satifying.

As a psychologist I offer services such as:

Individual psychotherapeutic help

  • short term to help solve an acute life situation or crisis
  • long term psychotherapeutic relationship

Group therapeutic help

  • eating disorders (ask for the possibility of other groups)

Lecture- and educational services


Psyche and all it’s malfunction might still have a certain kind of stigma, at least in some people’s opinion. Those people who have some kind of trouble, may for that reason feel ashamed, or they may even think that a psychiatric disorder means they are in some ways weak or unable individuals. Well, that is not the case. Everyone of us have a different life, and a different set of coping skills, witch has nothing to do with who we really are as a person. The only thin that is a fact for all of us, is that no-one’s capability to cope with frustration / anger / sadness is endless.

As complex as a human mind is, it’s comforting to know that every chaos usually has it’s basic factor. The thing is to find that factor. After finding that, the former mystery evolves into a rational thing. Of course there are feelings that never make sense to us, but if we examine all those oddities together, we might be able to come to a rational solution.

Give me a call, and we'll discuss your situation further